Simple part one ~*dreaded plane*~
Simple part one 

~*dreaded plane*~ lgbtq stories

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Simple part one ~*dreaded plane*~


I sigh dramatically, and maybe a little too loudly. I'm on my flight to Japan. My old school was in America was infested with villains. The teachers and everything were villains.

To keep everybody safe, they spread the small amount of students across the world. That's why I'm on a plane headed to Japan right now. I was going to go to U.A High School.

I was given the test in America. I was lucky enough to pass. Although, the test wasn't very hard. U.A was super prestigious, and it got me quite excited.

I slowly put my headphones in, and let my thoughts drift.

"Ladies and gentleman, welcome to Hosu City National Airport..."

I couldn't hear the rest. I rubbed my groggy eyes. I couldn't believe I was in Japan. I marveled at the sight, Until i realized we were getting off the plane.

I scrambled to get my stuff, and rushed out. I was slowly coming back to life. My music was still playing, and there was a song on that really hit close to home. I left it on.

I wanted to see my new home as soon as possible. I rushed to get everything. I went outside, where a taxi was waiting to take me to Musutafu city.

I saw the yellow cab, and ran, tripping a little. I blushed in embarrassment, but quickly regained my composure.

I could not help but point everything out. I think the driver was getting annoyed at me. But, how could you blame me? I'd never really been outside of America.

I was so excited, but I've said that so many times.

I was dropped off in front of this apartment complex. I was escorted to my room. A small little one bedroom apartment. Nothing fancy. But, I have to admit, I loved it. It was cozy, and, warm.

Absolutely perfect. It made me think of a little hotel room. Which, I loved. All my stuff was there, so I was going to be okay.

"Goodnight, world..."

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