The Library of Tales
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froggyfae Lesbian she/her/they
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A walk through the forest and finding a library filled with tales and nature.

The Library of Tales

Trees surrounded the old, wooden library. Vines hung from the windows, littered the roof, and began to split open the wood. Small circles of cobble led to the brown, well-carved door.

I stepped on each circle with consideration of the academic feel. As I reached the door I take a second a stare at the designs.

The wood was carved with such preciseness and at once was as smooth as a pebble, but now was splintering.

The four rectangles deepened into the door and had carved designs that I could not find the words for. The doorknob was a copper metal, that had rusted to its final moments.

I carefully grabbed the door handle, cringing at the feel of rust. I slowly turned it, but it did not budge. I turned it with more strength and it finally screeched and opened.

A rush of dirt and dust flew out into the warm air. As I stepped inside, the smell of books and antiques had filled my head.

I blinked my eyes, adjusting to the dim lighting. As my eyes adjusted, I looked around at all of the books. There were books on every wall, stairs led up to where there were more books.

Vines had also hung inside, encasing the books in its life. Tables and chairs sat spread out, making enough room to walk.

A small wooden cart laid next to a window with books that had been marked 'Overdue'. A desk was in the far corner and had multiple books and stamps on it.

I look to the ceiling and a huge hole had been imploded into the roof. The hole was one of the only sources of light, and since it was evening, it was dim.

I step to my side, looking at the dull-colored books. I put my finger on the spine and slide it down, dust collecting on my finger.

I wiped the dust onto my shirt and tediously grabbed the book, laying it on my hand. I blew off the dust and coughed as I inhaled some. My eyes pricked with water, getting the dust out of them.

I rubbed my thumb on the cover and read the golden etch, 'Alice in Wonderland'.

I opened the book and the pages had been darkened by dust and eaten away by moths. I flipped the pages, dirt fluttering out of the pages.

I studied it, then closed the book and set it back into its tiny slot on the shelf, fitting perfectly between other books.

I smiled and walked forward to a patch of grass that had grown through the wooden boards.

I bent forward and felt my eyes spark with curiosity.

A small red mushroom circle had planted in the grass, and what else to be in the center, but a Jellybean.

Thank you for reading sorry if its not very good I finished it at 3 am.

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