Stretch Marks
Stretch Marks love stories

froflow God’s Canvas
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Love , awareness, queen, gold

Stretch Marks

Crown my body, hold me tight,

Let me be your permanent home if I may

May I hold on to your creativity if that's okay?

I'm in love with your rear golden art tool.

Apologies I was ashamed of you, I couldn't see your artistic talent until I gazed at you.

Author of my body, lover of my gallery , you have enhanced me.I'm in love with you.

You're welcome to make my body your permanent home, is it okay if I brag about you from time to time? These jean are too tight I feel like a bikini tonight

You're not a scar baby , you're no fault.

You just bring light in the oceans of my body.

Okay, Do you agree to make my body your permanent home?

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