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frnk im a boy and i cry a lot i guess
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i think it's going to be one of those nights where I sleep with the light on to keep myself from seeing you

I miss you so horribly

my grief is grotesque and gory

i'm so sorry, please

stop tapping on my window tap tap tapping

you are a flock of crows who will not leave me alone, you follow me and cloud my eyes, cast a shadow

a murder

I couldn't hide you under the floor so i waited out side the bathroom door

they told me I'd be okay, Just breathe, Breathe

but the sight of you took my breath away

one day,

resplendent with skin like the night and scars like shooting stars, I try to remember you

But when I hear your name the syllables carry a bathtub full of blood,

and tile floors the color of the coffee stain on your tee shirt. the stain was one of many

I cant wash out the blood when it's part of you I can't wash out the stain when its left on my hands

blood is so difficult to get rid of

it stayed under the edges of my nails longer than it took them to get you buried

Your funeral was a worse disaster than your death, the priest said your name wrong and called you pure

you were never pure, she saw to that

everyone hushed and murmured when they stood around your house and watched me spill mac and cheese on the floor

"He's just in a bad place right now" was her explanation when i drew your name in the powder on the floor,

she wasnt wrong

but neither was i


stay out of my eyes

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