Underestimate me (part 2)
Underestimate me (part 2) lgbtq stories

friedwontons This Ain’t It Chief.
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Story of Seth a guy who has gone through so much pain one day another guy comes into his life to fix the scar is it gonna help? I don’t know

Underestimate me (part 2)

I stand there breathing heavily in shock and my scar stinging more then usual the I drop my head into my hands “hey watch out!” Someone yells at me

I snap out my trans and look up at a rogue bike rider I step to the side quickly and the person hits a pole and flys off the bike straight into the concrete

He groans coughing quietly I stare at him on the ground face down I refrain from laughing my ass off “y-you alright” I ask holding back my laughter

“I’m fine” he says putting a hand to his head groaning I hold out my hand “here” he takes it getting up

I look up to him “How did you lose control of your bike might I ask” he chuckles and puts a hand on the back of his head I notice a skull tattoo on his wrist ‘is he a gangster?’ I think

“Heh well you see, I was biking and I saw a rabbit in the bike lane it wasn’t moving in time so I swerved to stop from hitting it” I just stare at him with a ‘what the fuck’ look

“This man is not close to being a gangster”I think to myself “Well it was nice seeing you fall face first into the concrete I’m gonna go” I say walking off

“What your not gonna ask my name” he says walking after me,I roll my eyes “nope don’t care” I reply

“Comonnnnnnnn” he says whiningly, I stop and look back at him “stop. Following. Me.”

“Only if you ask my name and tell me yours” he says raising an eyebrow “fineeee what is your name” I say annoyingly

“No I said you tell me your name” I groan “it’s Seth now what is your name so I can go”

“Lycan nice to meet you Seth” he kisses my hand “ugh don’t do that” I take my hand away “I’m leaving now” I walk off rubbing my shoulder where my scar it hurts so badly

I start feeling dizzy on my feet from how much it hurts I take my hand away from my shoulder seeing a crimson color on my hand “shit... not again” I mumble falling to my knees and darkness over coming me

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