Underestimate me (part 1)
Underestimate me (part 1) lgbtq stories

friedwontons This Ain’t It Chief.
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Story of Seth a guy who has gone through so much pain one day another guy comes into his life to fix the scar is it gonna help? I don’t know

Underestimate me (part 1)

“I sit in the back of the old Honda Civic as my father drives the car and mother sitting in the passenger seat they were arguing about something it’s all fuzzy”

“I quietly listen to the argument And my mom yells at my father something about loans?”

“My dad turned to look at my mother to reply and in a quick flash”

“Truck with piping on it hit us and one of the pipes drove into the windshield”

-I gasp waking up as my alarm goes off I hit the alarm that red “Seth wake your ass up” I put a hand to my throbbing head- “fuck me”

I get up and make my way to my bathroom yawning I look in the mirror at the scar that ran from my ear down to a little bit passed my shoulder

I sigh and get ready for my freshman year of college I look at a picture of tiny younger me standing in the middle of my mother and father “mother if you were here you’d be so proud of me”

I hear the front door open and stumbled footsteps enter I look back to the photo and think ‘another overnight drinking session and coming home early in the morning drunk’

“Sethhhhhhhhhhh (hic) are you there” my father calls out I grab my shirt and get dressed and walk out my room spotting my drunk father passed out on the ground I scoff and step over him

“What a father” I mumble and grab my coat and walk out the door closing and locking it in behind me

I walk down the street sighing tiredly I hear a screech and a crash I freeze from shock hearing it and tears fall slowly down my face


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