Sea terror (The invitation)
                   Sea terror 

      (The invitation) murder-mystery stories

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Tyler has been invited to a cruise ship party he’s just a normal person that works a catering Job how could he be invited? During the party someone gets killed! Now it’s up to Tyler to find out who did it.

Sea terror (The invitation)

It all starts with a party Tyler walks around the party with a tray in hand working as a waiter “I need to get a new job” he says underneath his breath someone waves him over a young lookingwoman with dark hair and dark red lipstick

He walks up to her with the tray and holds it out so she can take a drink she shakes her hand “no no” He looks confused and tilt my head “what would you like” he asked, “your pretty good looking” she says flirty “what’s your name?”

“Tyler” He replied holding the tray ,”well trey I’m Kenna lemme introduce you to some of my friends” she says energetically

“This is shin” she gestured to a young looking male in a sharp suit his black hair slicked back on a phone typing “nice to meet you” he looks at Tyler “why is the waiter here” he says harshly,”shin!” She barks out and looks over to him “sorry he’s a bit of a square” she narrows her eyes at him

“This is my best friend hazel !” She points at another female with curly brown hair with to much makeup on her face she holds out a hand “nice to meet you” He shakes her hand unable to look away from her caked up face

The there’s tons of feedback and everyone shouts “sorry sorry” the host of the party says through the mic an old man but pretty well aged and built standing there “hello everyone I’m Ethan terry I’m the host of this party thank you all for coming” he smiles energetic in a way Tyler thought he reminded him of the female Kenna he just met

“Thank you to the person who designed the party my daughter, Kenna” he gestured to the female sitting next to Tyler “oh no wonder why” Tyler thought “now that your all here..” Tyler zoned out

Tyler resumed working every now again he’d catch Kenna looking at him but he didn’t mind it at the end of the party he was packing up the catering truck “hey Tyler!” He turns around seeing Kenna “we are having a party on a cruise ship just some friends and families you should come” she hands Tyler an invitation

He looks at the invitation “that’s weird we just met” Tyler thought and puts it in his pocket “I’ll think about it” he says “great! I have to go catch up to my father, bye” she runs off “father wait up!” Tyler resumed packing the truck

To be continued

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