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Today I received the Gifted Writer Badge. This is a thank you for each one of my most faithful readers.

Thank you, Guys

Today I got the Gifted Writer Badge. I was so excited I laughed out loud in my bedroom. Might seem insignificant, but I am so thankful. To everyone who enjoyed my work, I appreciate you. I'm just a 17 year old lil Asian bisexual girl. These days in commaful have been astonishing.

As we know 2019 started off with a bunch of tragedies, all around the world. It causes me so much heart pain. But it's a time we can aknowledge how blessed we are to be alive. Here in Brazil we presented an Ambiental Crime in Brumadinho which took more than 160 lives.

10 boys died carbonized. Boys of a Soccer Team wanting to chase their dream. Rio de Janeiro is experiencing a horrible flood. And the one who made me create this thank you message was the death of Ricardo Boechat. A brilliant, respected Brazilian journalist. Every morning me and my family

Would listen to him in the car radio. A loss which was almost as devastating for us as the one of a family member. No prayer can bring anyone back. It won't fix nothing. But I just wanted to put a finger in my mind. I need to be more grateful. So I'll start by thanking my readers, who I love so much.

Thank you, best friend. You showed me commaful, and without your support nothing would've been done.

Thank you, Rach. You were my first comment.

Thank you, my fellow whovian. I am such a fan of your work, and to always see you commenting is an absolute honor.

Thank you, girl. You ALWAYS comment, and you are fucking hilarious. Also a terrific writer.

Thank you, sweetie. Also such a fan of your writing, another one whose comments are delightful to receive.

Thank you honey. Your are such a lil pancake, such a kind soul who always leaves the sweetest comments.

Thank you, love. You gave us an opportunity to lay out our work in your collaboration. It was so much fun!!

Thank you man. Hey, it's ROS, not ROSA haha. You're so funny and awesome, and I love the style of your work.

Thank you, Thicc Boi. No need to introduce, we all know Barney! You are one of the sweetest, most precious creations ever.

Thank you, fellow Halsey fan. I just met u today. Enough to say that your writing is amazing and you've got real talent.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I love the taste of these words. What if we used them more often?

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