Cocoa Kiss Boy: The professor's Gibson guitar

Cocoa Kiss Boy:
The professor's
Gibson guitar
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friedchicken I'm not saying it twice, Rebecca.
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I let you go. Well... I'm sorry that this one turned out so simple. 5:50 am in Brazil and I gotta get ready for classes. Yeah, on a Saturday. But I had to let it off my chest.

Cocoa Kiss Boy: The professor's Gibson guitar

An acoustic solo Of a love song On the professor's Gibson guitar Rip off the layer Of healing skin Dribble salt And let my flesh weep No permission When evoking the echoing in my hurting

Of a sun scorching Afternoon in the park We cut our way across The curious trunks of grass With hands tight into one hold And stubborn grins On our youth drunk hearts Legs brushing under the skinny tree's gaze And when I realized you Were about to kiss me I got nervous and ran away

As if I reached my touch To the melodies of broken On the Milky Way Of harmonious Chanting of unspoken With the professor's Gibson guitar

I belonged To the drumming Of my heart of yours Laying my ear on your chest As you rested you chin On top of my Sound of worrying head

Empty halls when You asked me For your goodbye kiss I stumbled and wrapped my arms around you To hide my blushing, Just an excuse You held me strong As you whispered "I said a kiss, not a hug" And I got to taste The grinning of your cocoa lips

My sense of Time and space Quaking, it blew away Like the trembling Cords of the Professor's Gibson guitar

Curly crown of brown hair On my tip toes I had to stand To take a swim into the deep of Tenderness overload stare Your cocoa colored hands Would rapidly devour my trembling Warm and much bigger than mine Streaks of safe across my spine

My friend quietly held my hand As I pulled my face towards the Sun gossiping clouds Teeth on lips and eyes shut Sweatshirt under my clutch So you wouldn't see the falling Of my longing for cocoa kiss tears Because of the professor's Gibson guitar

You'll never know I loved you For the first and only time I ever did I loved you more than my chest could afford, and it spilled I loved you truly, I loved you messy, My dear boy with the cocoa kiss

So busy with my own bleeding Never took time to look behind And when I sneaked a glance Over my shoulder And saw the aching trying to flee your sight I wondered how many times My cocoa kiss boy Have I, too, harmed your heart

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