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freyadegal just another meat sack
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the holy ghost is always upon us.

| h o l y g h o s t

it ain't just white, pure as a child's innocent smile.

clean, with feathers of unknown majesty.

it drifts away to the hearts of the relentless.

i saw it went to you.

entitling it as "holy ghost"

entitling it as "holy ghost" i know you'll be save.

i envy you 'cause i'm still trying to pick myself up, broken.

i sat on the walls of pain,

i sat on the walls of pain, it made me immobile, in no time, caged me.

i tried to knock it off, the strength i once have, now all gone.

i tried to scream, no words formed.

even the silence was engulfed by darkness.

i felt helpless. i was weak.

i saw a glimpse of wisp of a warm elegance until the blur became black.

i opened my eyes

beneath my feet are sheets of snow that used to be cold hallways.

though it seemed to be winter, only smooth, silky breeze would touch my skin.

feathers from nowhere start to fall like those debris of my collapsing world.

then, it appeared In front of me, the holy ghost.

The holy ghost saved me.

The holy ghost saved me. The holy ghost saves.

The holy ghost, The hope.

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