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freewis Not young. Not dumb. But totally broke
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What if dead spirit takes over our body , Not just our body but our whole being? What if they stay for a while and create memories using our body that we know nothing about and then they just leave suddenly once their desires are fulfilled. What becomes of us and the people they've met?

My spirit loves you


I have anger issues, well I'm not so sure of that term but one thing is certain: I AM EASILY ANGERED.

Even the slightest misinterpretations rubs me in a very wrong way, intense right? Uh no, more like scary i guess? So yeah, i knew then that i would be alone for the rest of my miserable life.

Well, not until one day, i woke up,refreshed and a miraculously positive vibe swinging around me that changed everything.

I thought i had a good sleep but that was not the case so let me tell you my story.

I am your average young adult, still finding her passion and walking aimlessly seeking for whatever her purpose in life.

I went along to wherever life puts me in my twenty three years of existence.

I have never once felt alive , or maybe i thought i did when i was in my third year of highschool , smoking cigarettes on empty parks or drinking till the lights were out.

It was fun but i couldn't say i was actually living the life I wanted.

But then again, who would think about life at the age of fifteen or sixteen?? You? Her? Them?

Well absolutely not me! I was a rebellious kid but I made sure my grades were top notched so my family won't think im doing anything wrong.

You got that right, i was a rebel at my own little world with my friends.

I thought i looked cool back then, i wasnt a nerdy who bullies try to get their filthy hands on, but i was a smart kid with a rebellious attitude.

Oh the glory of my highschool days! So i graduated high school with flying colors and rainbows and thought college would be the same.

But it wasnt.

When i entered college, i was bewildered , everything was different .

It was a public school by the way , so it was really crowded and packed with rowdy students, i might sound biased but it really is like that .

Well , fortunately i found a good bunch of friends on my second year, i had fun, cut classes, hanging out at my place , played guitar with them singing at the background.

They were a good influence to me. And they were the one who helped when everything went wrong .

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