If Minions Gave Career Advice This Would Be It

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Inspiration is a like a banana skin – you never know when you will trip on one. I’ve got heaps of work to do as I write this, but inspiration has just barged into my head like my mum when I wouldn’t leave my room for dinner. But then it’s not easy not to like minions. So I thought, could minions give careers advice?

If Minions Gave Career Advice This Would Be It

by @freeman_faiz. Consultant during the day. Blogger by night. Love Tech.

1. Stop being a kiss a*s

Your boss may like it, but rest of the team won't. For long term prospects and good will, stop merely being a kiss a*s and do the right thing.

2. Stop being a teenager or a “gansta”

Can we not just shake hands and say “good job” or “good luck”? Fist bumps, unless on a sports ground, make you look “Gangsta” (with the spelling mistake). Stop it.

3. Stop being loud

Stop being loud and stop laughing loudly. Now, I know laughing loudly makes people think you are a happy-go-lucky person. But people think you are a douche-bag.

4. Stop speaking ill about others

Honestly, this is very important. You need to stop gossiping and back-biting other people at work, all the time. That comes across as very unprofessional. You don't want to be Donald Trump.

5. Stop putting the blame on others

People make mistakes; everyone knows that. You can and do make mistakes, but when you do, you should take the blame for it, not find excuses or put the blame onto something/someone else.

And if you still do all of the mistakes

This is you ->

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sughsanasusana, portugal
5 months ago
forget 4.40AM
thoughts on getting over somebody

a year agoReply
@benj - Yeah, I am not sure my boss will take too kindly of that :D @jeremiah - ummmm.... you are OK :D

benjSilver CommaStoryteller
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You need to do one about advice for bosses too xD

2 years agoReply
I might...be guilty of being loud. Being loud isn't always so bad is it ;) I got energy