How I Built A Product In A Week (without a single line of code!)
How I Built A Product In A Week
(without a single line of code!) startup stories

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I write about how I started

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How I Built A Product In A Week (without a single line of code!)

by Faizan of Track jobs you want in one dashboard.

I have a lot of ideas. … And a lot of them will fail.

Thankfully, I know that. And hence I don’t invest a lot of my time or resource into any idea, unless I am able to quickly test it out by creating a MVP.

I started

For Jobbuddy, I was able to build the MVP without a single line of code, using Bubble. - a point-and-click programming tool, for web and mobile. No prior coding experience needed.

I created social media channels for promoting my product

Grabbed the closest twitter handle jobbuddyco (some son of a b**** already took jobbuddy) Created a facebook page ...And ofcourse, started a blog.

Time to name my product.... ...with the right domain

It took a lot of rubbish names to clear my mind. The first name is rarely the right name. Jobbuddy was the one I settled on. .com domain was taken, so I went for

Domain bought, Product build, Social Media Set up...

And it was time to ship. I started promoting to my friends. On facebook. On Twitter, commenting on blogs. Emailing my network. I was a marketing whore. And a good one too!

If you have $20 and a week... .. You can do it to!

> Creating site on - $20 > Social media and blog for promotion - $0 > Zoho projects to manage product backlog and bugs - $0 > Digital assets and marketing material on Canva - $0

Remember - Ship your product as soon as posible

And if you doubt me, speak to Sydney Liu - CEO of Commaful He once told me, for one of his earlier projects, not shipping early was a mistake. So go ahead and ship your product early.

Ummm... what about your business plan?

I didn't have a business plan when I started. Don't let perfection get in the way of good. Having a product that people can use is good... get out there and sell that god damn thing. OPEN!

And that was the story of my new startup Jobbuddy

Since MVP, we've gone on to launch the first version of You can find the links to the site + blog in the description. Thanks for reading and do hit me up if you want to talk.

Finally, a site that allows you to organise your job search. Jobbuddy is easy and powerful. Save jobs you want to apply for, add deadlines, update status and get notified when deadline approaches

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