The Time I Met A ✨KaReN✨
The Time I Met A ✨KaReN✨ karen stories

fredbear Can you fix a broken heart?
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Happened on 23/11/2020. One of the best moments in my life.

The Time I Met A ✨KaReN✨

So I was at Walmart with my cousin when I bump into a lady. I say sorry because I feel bad for bumping into her but this lady has the audacity to start cussing me out.

I get pissed because my cousin was getting upset so I tell her to stop. The lady keeps on cussing me out so I get pissed and I snap.

I start cussing back but then her husband comes and tells me to stop. I turn to look at him and he looks at me so I say...

"Sir, with all due respect could you get this failed attempt of a barbie doll out of my damn face."

The man starts laughing and the woman starts yelling so I just slowly back away. She yells for the manager so when the manager comes he asks her what was wrong. She says that I pushed her to the floor.

Karen got a taste of what we call ✨Cameras✨

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