Lonely  mental illness stories
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It can be a very powerful feeling.


It can be a very powerful feeling. It can make you think and do some crazy things.

It changes you. It makes it impossible to recognize yourself and you become a stranger to not only others but to yourself as well.

It makes you feel like you are nobody and like you have nobody. It makes you feel like it is your fault. Like everything is your fault.

Everything that has ever happened in your life is your fault. Being lonely has lead you to feeling this way and felling it much more strongly.

Some people believe that being and feeling lonely can shape you into being an even better and stronger person. (marbel pattern)

They believe that experiencing loneliness is something everyone must experience to truly feel happy in the end. Is this true? Is it a myth? I guess there is only one way to find out.

And this... well, this is my journey to figuring it out.

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