Whose hand is this?
Whose hand is this? psychological stories

frazer_grewal Community member
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Amongst the mud and death a lone being of the human race stands up and blames all of Earth's crimes upon himself.

Whose hand is this?

I sit here amongst fallen titans

Flesh like stones in a sea of mud

Souls long forgotten

Souls lost in a sea of turmoil

Whose hand is this?

The one who holds the gun?

The one who pulls the trigger?

No, this is but a coward’s hand.

Flames engulf

Earth charred

Trees warping

Screams sound

Whose hand is this?

The hand of an enemy?

The hand of a friend?

No, this is the hand of someone like me

Someone alone

Someone scared

Someone devastated

Someone breathing on this blood-soaked land.

The fog rolls in and the wind picks up

Nothing is seen but a smell is in the air

The stench of death ebbs from the land

Whose hand is this?

We are defined by our hands

Too soft

Too coarse

Never just right, not yet

Whose grave is this?

Weathered and decaying

Lost in a sea of people

Lost in a sea of people

Lost in a sea of people!

They built themselves with those hands

And I am built using mine.

Whose hand is this?

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