Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 13
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @miso_ordered

Part 13 horror stories
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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 13

Chapter 13

Lilith’s POV So, yesterday everyone was fighting each other with branches. How is that- why are they- Why are they not using their real weapons or something? I had sat on a bench and sighed. I knew I can’t fight as well as Blair, so I had sat and watched, listening to music.

But today, I need to learn how to defend and attack. I mean, if the killers would now be attacking me, which I highly doubted it, I needed to defend myself and attack a little if no one was there with me. I mean, not like they would attack me or something. I wake up early and shake Kat up. She doesn’t wake up, am I that weak?

I decide to go alone to the convenience store. Just then, a hand lightly taps my shoulder. Luna appears behind me. I think, Oh wow, way to ruin my sneakiness. But instead, I say, “Oh. Hi.” She wave and says, “Where are you going?” “To the convenience store, why you ask?” I say, lifting my chin up. “Can I go with you?” Okay, that was absurd. I whip my head to face her.

“Are you serious?! 1 is better than 2 if we’re trying to get food. And besides, I’m too useless.” I snap at her. She flinches and mumbles, “Sorry.” And walks back to the blacksmithing store, head drooping. Another hand taps me on the shoulder again. I sigh. “What is it now?” I turn around to face Blair. She snaps, “Where you going?”

I turn around, yet again, and say, “I’m going to the convenience store, and ALONE.” I shouted the last word in her face. Blair demanded, “I’m coming with you, no matter what.” I sighed. 3rd time today, maybe? “Fine. You can come.”

<This is NOT part of this story. If you want to see the oldest to youngest, go to the next page.> →→→→→→→→→→→→→

Lilith (March 6) Drew (April 15) Naomi and Kai (May 12) Rory (September 2) Blair (September 15) Micheal (October 10) Luna (October 17) Kat (October 31) <THEY’RE ALL BORN IN 2001!> Now, back to the story. →→

We walked to the convenience store, with Blair darted in and out of bushes. She found a killer in the bushes once but knocked him out with her butcher knife. Good news is we found a bunch of fresh food on the ground. Bad news is that the store got exploded.

Read the next chapter on @umhiyea’s account! ~Kim

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