Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 9
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @umhiyea

Part 9 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 9

Chapter 9

Kat’s POV We meet up in the blacksmithing place. I get in last, locking the door behind me. Once we were safe, Luna paced towards me, eyes blazing with fury. She says, “If we were still here, the killers wouldn’t be attacking us and then they wouldn’t know where we’re camping!” She did have a point, really. I sigh and say ,

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry for making you guys walk... (Go to next page, this is not part of the story.) →→→

...But now we all know now that we’re faster than them.” Lilith sits up and shakes her head. “Why am I doing here anyways? I’m useless. The killers don’t can’t even think of a reason why they should kill me. I’m just slowing you guys down.” Blair answers, “You’re not weighing us down. You’re not useless. Don’t say that about yourself!”

Lilith shakes her head again, then checks her watch. “Welp, it’s time for me to go to bed. Oh! I forgot, we sleep on blacksmithing lunch benches now, because I wasted all of our money getting food to eat. See, I am useless.” She crawls on a nearby bench and slowly drifts to sleep.

The rest of us just stares at each other for a few moments, then we found a bench each and slept a awkward, uncomfortable, night.

Luna’s POV That night, I think about Lilith’s speech thing. Then, I start to think, ‘I think I’m useless, too. But I’m sure I’ll have something to do later.’ I think about saying that to Lilith tomorrow. Then, I think, ‘I hope I sleep and have a good night and not be asleep thinking about this.’ I glare ar myself.

That night, I thought about the killers... Luna’s Dream about the killers ~~~ It’s a foggy afternoon. The wind blows in my face, hair going everywhere. We’re outside. Then I notice. There we’re only Lilith and I. Lilith asks,

“What are w doing here? I thought we were blacksmithing place, sleeping!”I shrug, and start exploring, Lilith following me. There’s silence between us. Then, Lilith says, “Do you ever feel useless, like you’re not important, and you’re just mooching off others?” I nod, keeping my mouth shut. “Well, that’s how I feel every single time we do something risky.”

We stop talking again. Silence is my fear sometimes. So I break it. I ask, “Is this a dream? Or are we just visiting each other in our sleep?” Lilith nods her head and says, “I’m pretty sure we’re visiting each other. Anyone can join! Even Kat.” We spin around, walking slowly towards the place we both spawned in. We waited. Then, I heard something screaming. A human.

Lilith turns and says, “What... was that...?” The screaming gets louder. And then, the human literally pops out of nowhere and lands on me. Blair sits up, shaking her head, which was full of shock. “Where am I?” She scans the foggy place frantically. “I was trying to get to the convenience store and then I blinked and now I’m here!”

I brush dust off my skirt. “And, you land on me, of all people. Lilith jokes, “Well you were under her!” Blair puts her hands on her hips. “Excuse me, but why am I here?” Lilith and I shrug. The bushes shake and rustle behind us. In fact the bushes around us are all shaking and rustling.

I gulp. Lilith whispers fiercely to us, “Get ready to run! I bet it’s the killers again.” Sure enough, the killers shot out of the bushes and chased me and Blair. Lilith crouched again, sitting on the gravel like sidewalk like a rock. They run around her. More and more killers surround us. Lilith starts to listen to music.

A few bunch of killers grab Blair’s arms and tie them together like handcuffs on a prisoner. They do the same to me. I think that they were going to do the same for Lilith, but they simply ignored her. I see Lilith close her eyes. I close my eyes too. When I open one off them, Blair was still here, but Lilith had gone, leaving her earbuds and phone behind. She must’ve left the dream.

I close my eyes tighter, but they kept on opening. Blair and Lilith was gone. I was left alone. I closed my eyes the tightest I ever did in my whole life that I think that they might bulge out any second. Then, I felt like I was flying. I opened my eyes once more and saw a black scene surrounding me. Below me Blair and Lilith were there, still closing their eyes.

All of us were falling, into black nothingness... ~~~

Blair’s POV I woke up. ‘Did we really have the same exact dream? Why did the killers in the dream ignore Lilith?’ I wanted to shout the questions out, then stopped. They might find out where we are! I saw Lilith nearby, snacking on some pizza, extra cheese! I looked for Luna, then found her still sleeping, twitching.

‘She must be in the black hole area, before they wake up.’ I walk over casually to Lilith and ask her casually, “Did you have that dream yesterday? Or am I hallucinating?” She swallows her piece of pizza and answers, “I had that dream yesterday too. And you know why they ignored me? Remember when I was gone? I was surrounded.” She didn’t give me time to say “yes.” And continued.

“As you know when I was gone, I was surrounded every way with killers, blocking every single path. They mixed me up with Kat. I told them that I was useless and I was just dragging on the team,” I interrupt her. “But you’re not useless! You can hack!” She shot back, “But we don’t need hacking to escape this place. Now let me continue.” I nod. “They let me pass, just because I was useless.”

Just then, Luna walks over. “I heard everything, so you don’t need to tell me. And, I had that same dream you two had.” Lilith jokes again, “Maybe it’s the ‘Useless People Place.’” I held my head high. “Since we’re useless, let’s get some food for the others.” Luna glances around the town, probably aware if the killers were going to pop out of nowhere and kill us.

Then, a foggy figure steps in front of us. I could see brown eyes and he (I think) was holding a crowbar and demanded, “Where do you think you’re going?”

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