Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 1
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @umhiyea

Part 1 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @umhiyea Part 1

Chapter 1

Kat’ s POV I’m Katherine, Kat for short, and it’s my first time in Casper, Wyoming. My parents said that they had good schools there, one of the most popular colleges. Lately, there hasn’t been much people there. Some students stopped showing up to class.

My best friend, Rory, hasn’t shown up for class for a week. In fact, none of my friends were in class yesterday. There were only 10-15 people in class. My parents, are on a business trip so I’m living in a dorm. I was exploring my dorm and immediately found the bathroom. It was pretty luxurious. I love it. Oops! I’m almost late for my lecture!

In class, I sat quietly, waiting for the teacher to arrive. Other classmates were either sleeping or staring warily at each other. I had no idea why. We waited for like a hundred years but the teacher never appeared. We all suddenly clustered together, whispering why the teacher didn’t come. I heard, “Ms. Thompson is never late! Where is she?” And then finally we decided, we stay here to look for clues.

Someone named Drew explored with me while the rest of the class went to the other side of the lecture hall. I opened a closet with Drew on my heels. I slowly opened it and screamed. There was a head on one of the shelves. And then it blinked. I shut the door, thinking, “Nope.”

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