Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 23
Abnormal Activities

Collaboration with @miso_ordered

Part 23 abnormal activities stories

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Collaboration with @miso_ordered, Part 23 is out! Read this post to find out what happens in part 22 on @miso_ordered’s account!

Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 23

Chapter 23

Blair’s POV We checked around the house for clues. I muttered, “It’s impossible to search for clues in this light! It’s not even light, it’s dark! Like midnight!” Rory heard me complain and replied, “If you complain any more , you’ll probably be exhausted by the end of the day.” I dipped my head and walked away.

As I raced down the familiar halls of the dorm, my dorm, I went inside my room where I collected chargers. I thought, What if they’re still here? I walked inside to see my 8 precious chargers. We are 8 people, including me. I grabbed the chargers and stuffed them in my pocket. I fled towards the others, screaming, “I found the chargers!”

Luna POV I straightened as I heard Blair cry, “I found the chargers!” I ran toward her voice and halted when I found her. “Where?” I looked at her hands. I took them out of her pocket and held out 8 beautiful chargers. “Finally! Chargers are what we need.” I exclaimed.

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Rory walked over and said, “What are you two standing over here while we’re supposed to be searching for clues- Oh my tapioca pearls! You got chargers? I thought there were no more in the whole of Casper!” Blair shook her head, looking pleased. “Nuh uh. I found these in the room where I used to charge my phone. I can’t believe they’re still here!”

Rory nodded. “Let me know if you want all of our phones because I can gather them all up.” She strolled away. I gave Blair my phone immediately and demanded, “Charge my phone. I cannot wait for the next live on itsfunneh. It is almost 3 o’clock. (I’m an itsfunneh fan don’t judge me)

Blair rolled her eyes but said, “Fine, Mrs. Bossy Pants.” I scoffed. “I do not wear jeans. They’re out of style in my opinion, knife girl.” She glared sarcastically. “What did you just say??” Just then, Rory appeared outta nowhere and looked over us. “It’s been 21 minutes since I left you guys and you’re still chatting?” I swallowed.

“Now charge your phones and get ready for the live.” Blair dropped my phone and dashed toward the nearest cable thingy.

The Short Epilogue Lilith’s POV I’m hacking the others (not the killers) computers and I find out that they were watching itsfunneh’s latest live- fortnite. I was confused at first, then realized that it was Friday, and on Fridays they posted a live. Just then, a shadow swept over me. “What are you doing now, Lilith?”


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