Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 15
Abnormal Activities 

Collaboration with @miso_ordered

Part 15 horror stories

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Abnormal Activities Collaboration with @miso_ordered Part 15

Chapter 15

Kai’s POV I think that Naomi is following me, because I hear footsteps behind me. I ask her, “Where do you think they went? Maybe they went to the convenience store, but got captured by some of the killers.” No answer, just birds hanging on the branches of a tree above my head, tweeting silently. (Haha, get it?)

I spin around, just a hand grabs me. Its not Naomi. Where’s she? She might be in the trouble. A hand hits me right on the face and I fall to the ground. Next thing I know I fall down on some hard, cold, quartz floor. I look around. We’re in a house. I get to explore with my eyes for a heartbeat when a blindfold slaps on me. I sense something, someone squirming beside me. The killers, I think leaves the room.

Naomi's POV The rope tied on my hands tighten. I tense, and then think of something. I feel my thorn sharp razor bracelet and hook one of the edges on the rope. I smirk with satisfaction when I hear the sound of my bracelet cutting the rope. Soon my hands were free and I untied my blindfold. I see Kai next to me and cut the rope that ties

his hands and he untied the blindfold on him. He says, “Naomi! Where have you been? I said to follow me but you didn’t!” I say, “This isn’t time for a reunion. We gotta get out of here!” Just then, the killers get in the room and say, “Where do you think you’re going?” I’m close to tears now, and think of the good times. I manage to say, “T-that’s the s-same line that n- Nico said when he f-first met u-us.”

One of the killers ask, “Say, where is that wimp? Is he hiding from us? Unless... Are you people hiding him from us?” Kai shakes his head. “No sir, we aren’t.” The killer’s left eye twitches uncontrollably. “Where are you hiding?”

“You don’t need to know!” Kai snaps. I think he learned that from Blair. ~~~~~~~Flashback~~~~~~~ Blair was training with Kai. Well, basically word snapping. Like trash talking or something like that. I hear Blair say, “If the killers capture you, and demand you the location of we’re were hiding, you can say,

‘You don’t need to know!’” ~~~~~End of Flashback~~~~~ The killers say in a chorus (They obviously trained for this, though it sounds horrible), “We will leave you so you can discuss, but we’ll be watching, so don’t think about escaping!” One of the killers continues “singing” a high pitched sound that Kai has to cover his ears. I say,

“We have to give away the location, or we’ll die and they’re going to lose 2 perfect fighters and food-fetchers! I mean, we’re perfect in every way!” Kai says, “Yeah, let’s give away their location.” I didn’t know Kai was this enthusiastic. I think, Sorry guys in my head as if they could pick up the sentence. The killers come back and say, “What will you choose? Give away their location and go

home unscratched, or don’t give it away and be going home in your spirits?” I answer boldly, “We choose to give away the location.” The leader nods and says, “Well, what is it?” Kai interrupts me and smirking, says, “It’s in the last non broken blacksmithing place. I suggest you go and attack on Sunday. That’s where they sit back and relax.” The leader nods slowly. Finally, he says, “You can go

now.” ~~~ I dip my head and run away, Kai at my heels. “There you are!” Rory says, running towards us as we came into view. Kai glances at me and we share a look. This encounter will have to stay between us for now.

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