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A. 1.



I've written thousands of poems

just for her

without concluding anything

without any possible innovation to my production.

But how can I create something new,

something universal

If I have such an irreproducible masterpiece in front of me?

I would spend my whole life

trying to write a poem

as beautiful as her.

How can I describe those lips,

if not even a tulip's petal

has those harmony and elegance?

How con I describe the colour of those lips,

if not even the artic glaciers

dare to have such a colour?

How con I explain the warmth

that cold gaze emanates,

if every time she looks at me, I freeze?

How can I describe the softness of her voice,

if not such melody was ever created?

How can I describe those hair,

if not even flames shine

of such an intense colour?

If God really watched us

I'm sure he would have already taken her away

since she envies the Garden of Eden.

No such masterpiece was ever created

in the whole Creation

I've waited for the right time all my life,

I was looking for any kind of sign,

Something that said me the time had come.

But I now realise everything is in my hands.

Now I understand waiting for the time to be right

would just mean waiting forever.

I don't know how much time I have left,

but I know this one thing:

not having infinity to offer

I can only give my here and now.

That's not much,

but that's all I have,

that's all I own,

my small inch of freedom.

I promise my here and now

will be hers forever as she wants

That's why when I hug her,

and kiss her,

I hold her on a little too tight.

I don't want to kiss

any other lips my whole life.

I was told

when I would find a woman

who made me feel like this

I should have done everything

to make sure she stays next to me.


Her eyes were a wet canvas

on which I couldn't paint or write anything.

The ink just fell down

as I tried to write her a new world,

just for us,

in which there were no borders

in which there was no pain

in which we were together.

But too late I learnt

no one can be caged in another one's world.

I wrote notes in our places

I carved our names in the city walls

hoping she could recall our past memories

But she had gotten blind

She could see anything but me and my creations

I became an anomaly

and anomalies have to be destroyed

I don't know how I'll lover her on rainy nights

She can't see at night

and me neither.

I only hope somehow, someway,

the spark of a thunder will jog her memory.

Now that I decided to leave everything in this city

I'm telling you to just wait for me.

One day, you'll remember everything

so just remember me.

Like your favourite colour

that blooms every day in your sweaters.

Like your dog

coming at you as you enter home.

Like the skeletons

in your closet.

Like the letters

you keep in your night table.

Like the cigarettes

we smoked in my car.

Like the beers

we drank beside the river.

Like you remember the scars on your wrist.

Like you remember your mother.

Remember me as a poet,

eternally in love with you,

from now to forever.

Waiting for your memory to show up at my door

holding nothing but our time together,

and saying:

"I'm back".

So just remember me.

I'll be coming back

as soon as you will remember.

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