Three Years On
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I still find myself thinking of you; thinking of us

Three Years On

It's been three years since my first love broke my heart

Three years since I shattered his

And even though it's been so long

I still find myself reminiscing about our time together

The thrill and excitement of when it was all new

The fear of falling but then jumping anyway

It's funny though

Because when you look back on something like that

You only remember the good parts

I don't remember the times you made me feel worthless

Or the times we were red eyed with sore throats at 2am

I know that they happened but it's as if someone else has told me

I choose to remember the best parts about you

The best parts about us

And I think that's what is so dangerous about reminiscing for too long

You hold onto the shining shards of broken glass

You hold onto the shining shards of broken glass Without realising it was the same glass that cut you

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