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What can I say, I observe and admire

People are Beautiful

People are beautiful.

Some are beautiful right away,

they are so beautiful when you look at them it feels like nothing else matters for a few seconds.

That's when you lose your breath a little, and need to remember where you are.

Others hold their beauty deeper.

Others are beautiful in who they are and what they do.

Some people you may not look twice at,

but once they begin to speak, and tell you their story,

you will find beauty growing in each crack of their voice.

These people are beautiful.

The way these people can light up a room

or even enter one unnoticed

is truly beautiful.

The way people can tell a bad joke but make everyone laugh

or the way someone cries with you when you're hurting

is truly beautiful.

People are fucking beautiful.

People act like they don't notice this.

The way that someone looks at you with hope when you tell them everything will be okay

is beautiful.

The way people share their emotions not just through words,

but through movement and expression and art

is beautiful.

The way people are, what represents them and how they share their story

is truly beautiful.

People are beautiful.

And you are too.

You just need to notice what's growing in the cracks of a person,

rather than how the crack got there.

A sunflower is still beautiful even if it's planted in a broken pot.

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