His Skirt
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Terrified to show his true self,
terrified around everybody else.

His Skirt

Today he wore a skirt

Because today he felt happy

But that feeling didn't last long

As he walked down the street

The happiness slowly drained

Like a leaky sink

And for an empty heart it sure felt heavy

The colour of his personality draining with each name they called and each step they took closer

Their voices were as sharp as the razor by his sink

But how could they know about that

The lights on the street weren't enough to guide him astray from upcoming danger

And now the blood on his face made his vision blurry

So he lay on the cold concrete for a little while longer

He honestly didn't know why

Maybe because they would leave him alone if they thought they had won

Or maybe because the ringing in his ears was deafening

Maybe he stayed down because no one ever believed he could get back up

Or maybe because he felt no one ever wanted him to

So he lay, on the street

With a blood stained shirt

And what was now a ripped skirt.

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