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"The Great Migration" is a short story with a sci fi-fantasy theme, starring three enterprising female characters who love new discoveries.
You will travel their journey from Canada to Greenland during which strange events will follow one another.

The three-page length will keep you in suspense, giving you new perspectives for the future and fun at the same time.

The Great Migration

The wind pushed me inside slamming the door with such energy that I jumped.

It was a stormy and unprecedented evening.

I remember it as it was now.

I ran into my grandmother's arms as a child. On a normal stormy day I would have found her on the veranda listening to the songs of thunder, but this time it wasn't so.

Seeing that force of nature curled up in a bed similar to a multicolored spaceship, with long white ruffled hair and eyes in search of protection made me wince.

Our affection for each other has always been special, she was almost mythical to me, heroic.

We looked at each other hand in hand, the only noises in the background were the thunders, the water's roar and Ariel's vibrating purring.

Then the wrinkled and lived hand, suddenly, gave the youngest one a poorly made and floppy notebook.

At first I was amazed, then I realized that my grandmother wanted me to open it and read it to her as she had done with fairy tales with me.

Then I opened it. It was like the discovery of an ancient archeological find, a lost gift.

At the head of the yellow pages was written the name of its owner: Fantin Dew

and then her adventure.

It was 1945, at that time my grandmother was a twenty-four years old girl full of life and wild dreams, known all over Calgary for her courage and determination.

She went around in tie, gilet, boots and smoking yellow pipe for the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. She was a mountain guide for many generations of young and adults.

They called her the husky- faced mountain tiger, because of her heterochromatic eyes.

Fantin soon tied a very strong affinity with two other women, they were so close to each other to looked like a single soul.

The first older than ten years, related to natives, stubborn and eccentric, was a freight train driver of the CP-Canadian Pacific Railway.

Assiduous fan of Clara ward's gospel music and Christie's mystery novels,

she delighted in playing the banjo and harmonica in her spare time and giving music lessons to the little rascals of her students, whom she loved so much, gathered in the train-school she built.

Her name was Ursula.

The other one was Andrea, the youngest, she was a sweet and simple soul, yet stubborn as the previous ones.

Her passion was vegetarian cooking,

she was the only woman to take part in an internship in the vegetarian Hilt restaurant in Switzerland and from there she was noticed and acclaimed for her energetic

and healthy dishes accompanied by the distinctive feminine touch that made everything more scenic and elegant.

This special trio had a dream: to reach Greenland by land and sky, to discover the far north, inspired by the heroic Era of Antarctic exploration and famous race to the poles.

Driven even more by the harshness of the war on human souls and their rights, they decided once for all to take risk and leave, as only a rebellious woman could.

It wasn't an easy task, but being artists and travelers, they managed to get away with it and survive in the unexpected events that awaited them.

They left one foggy morning in mid-November in a copper-colored electric diesel locomotive that Ursula drove from Calgary station,

along the impervious tracks of the Canadian pacific to Port Arthur, at the time, the terminus of the CP based in the Thunder Bay district.

This is where my grandmother came into play, thanks to her helicopter pilot's license for mountain guides.

Because of a kind loan from the mayor of Port Arthur, Fantin was able to drive a canary yellow Bell Model 47.

From here she flew the aircraft to Iqaluit, in the territory of Nunavut, where they were able to refuel at the US airbase built three years earlier for military purposes.

From then on they began, without realizing it, to penetrate more and more into a reality without space or time: into another dimension.

"The Strait of Davis is magnificent from this altitude! Isn't it?

", "like a boundless sheet of reflective ice, a Superb Iceberg, I agree with you Andy!" answered Ursula with her head bent out of the glass.

"Fantin you're a real pilot! Better than Earhart" she yelled "you're no less, queen of trains!...

Hey don't run out all supplies leave me something to crunch, what's good Andrea?

", "a nice baguette of wholemeal bread with peanut butter, mixture of corn flour and maple syrup, super energetic and spicy dark chocolate.

Hold dear!", "perfect! Frugal and cheerful food like us!", "you can say it loud Fantin! Or rather shout it to the whole Polar Circle!".

There was a succession of screams of jubilation and challenge for their heroic acts.

But their celebrations didn't last long.

Suddenly the sun was perturbed by stormy gusts followed by a flash of electric discharges and a flow of particles of non-terrestrial nature.

There was a crash and the trio hadn't choice but to jump into the icy waters of the Atlantic.

"Ursulaaa! Andreaaa!" screamed Fantin desperately, "we're here! God help us! It's freezing!" answered Andrea, "what the heck were those dazzling rays and sounds then?!...

Come up here soon! Come here!" Ursula encouraged them.

They were in fact in the middle of an expanse of icebergs by shape of floating meringues.

Although they were afraid and incredulous, the breathtaking view was more contagious, the sounds too involving.

"Hear that? What was that? Look!" shouted Fantin, and a Beluga whale passed in front of them, while on their left a harp seal rolled lazily.

But something more peculiar attracted them.

A round and shiny prism stood in a small cave nearby, emanating a reverberation,

from which small beings similar to goblins almost transparent and surrounded by pink vapors came out going back and forth.

One of them perceived their presence and cautiously approached to study them.

A pear-shaped head, immense in comparison to the small feet and legs, appeared in front of the three strangers, these petrified and confused, however,

didn't feel fear but a calm and peace filtered through that being, filling their hearts.

What followed was an unprecedented dialogue, not as we are accustomed to understand it. No one spoke or prophesied words. The minds, neurons and hearts did it...

...Welcome...don't be afraid...we are friends...from far away...

...Fantin...what's going on?...

...I've no idea...Andrea...

...Listen...i don't know why but...i feel it's the only way to understand...'re right, let's try to listen it...I don't know how it's possible...

...Thanks for trust...only way this connect with your brothers and me are just visitors...our world needs new discoveries to progress in the Coming Era...

geological features of your bring with us...for fusion...

The Being slowly pointed out what was around it: water, ice, animals, and finally them.

Then, as if the long finger branched out into their neurons, all suddenly was clear:

those strange space dwarfs came from an evolved and dispersed world between the galaxies but mystical and transcendental, their mission was to store and shape vital elements from nature,

animals, human...

...One day you'll leave your'll be too many and nature too little to support'll have to look to the sky for its messages...

It pointed to an arctic seagull.

...Like birds you'll migrate to a new home...and we'll wait for you...

if we unite our species then we'll survive living as bodies and souls together, returning to the origins from where we come is infinite for creatures without hate...

fertile for their dreams...listen to the primordial joy of the child in you...that pure energy is...

Then, the new friend, placed on the snow a transparent vial, almost aerial, like a lightning...and then disappeared.

When Fantin and the others woke up they were in Nuuk, welcomed by the Inuit, and how they arrived remained a mystery.

I closed the diary and grandmother handed me a pendant: the vial...

"...We are made of stars....our lives were forged billions of years ago in supernova stellar the stars...birds will see yourself and life take form...Child!...

" "Grandma... No!"

From that day on I always looked up, becoming an astronomer.

One day, as you already knew, the Great Migration arrived.

The earth was dying.

The vial is now property of experimental crews: it's a special galactic compass. For some reason it already knows where to lead us once in orbit, as attracted by the destination.

I'm here. I arrived at the third tide.

The vial led us into an Exoplanet.

It was like breathing for first time: the cold air woke my lungs, the intense light my eyes. Tailor-made you'd say!

Everything is nature here, like a virgin earth.

But it brings another name now: yours.

Fantin is our new home, Ursula and Andrea its two satellites.

The past is only a memory, the future a fantasy, us its creators...and I'm sure it'll be a good one.

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