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francis_bede Author of Bad Clergy and other poetics.
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This is a sample poem from the book Houdini Weaned on Fear for sale now at all good online bookstores. The poems are varied in style and hopefully they entertain and convey the feelings within. And a big thank you to those who have now ordered a copy.


When I write I think of that bent poet’s line, “while others are sleeping I’m lifting a mountain with rivers of poems running off”.

I’m squatting on A black cloud Over Melbourne, And I only get down by Lightning.

I’m usually up There because I’m lonely, And I often miss The last train out of Spencer Street.

I like clouds, I feel safe In them, and I can walk around naked, And no one Can look at me.

I’m in my Clothes now, People can look at me. I’ve got this sty, And I look away when I order my McMuffin and coffee.

And this girl I met Said she liked me. She bought me A scarf, I couldn’t even Thank her And ran away.

If I’m destitute I pay the rent, If I’m insane I converse with them, And all is Not lost.

The dam is dry down this way, There aren’t many mountains, But I’m trying because it’s All I’ve got.

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