Concealed feelings
Concealed feelings poems stories

fr33stlye Community member
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Wrote this during that emotional event in my life

Concealed feelings

The pain surfaces once or twice throughout the day

It hurts like some unknown force crushing my insides with their hands

My thoughts twist, and turns every night as if it was a candle on an open window sill flickering

The world became black an white even though the sky is filled with life like light, and vibrant colors

I urge for that breath of life that I once took for granted through my comfort of my recent relationship

Everywhere I go is a flickering vivid image of her frozen in time as if it was a glitch in the matrix

Technology had taken away my opportunity to see her walk off to the unknown

My emotions play tug of war as if it was a game of chance, and hope

My thoughts start to play the same broken record that was once gone for the brief time I had your attention; start resurface

I ask her over ,and over why is he still in the picture, and again you avoid or ignore the text message as if you didn't get the message

My emotions are slowly drifting day by day as if I was a cast away watching the shore line disappear the further out I go

Am I holding on to an idea that isn't going to succeed

You left me with only the feeling of hope, and the thought of denial

As hope pretends to be my friend, and denial tells me the things I want to hear

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