this is it.
this is it. depression stories

fr0ggychxn DEAD ACCOUNT
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this is it.

So I guess this is it huh?

After all the love bombing and fake feelings you're finally ready to move on

You're ready to remember what it felt like when I didn't exist.

You're excited to feel warmth in a new place.

Because everything turned cold here.

You made it this way though.

You turned off your feelings.

Maybe you didn't even have any.

Maybe I built a false persona of you in my head that was genuinely interested in me.

I must be crazy to think all that time I spent investing in you, you were only pretending to like what I was saying.

Like what I was giving to you.

I didn't ask you for anything.

I barely reached for a hand.

But yet again I'll switch my feelings back to nothing and pretend like you never even stopped by.

Cause it's that easy right?

I'm not that interesting to remember.

I'm not that hard to forget.

You must have found someone better.

So I'll pretend we ever met.

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