Be careful of the contents spilled
Be careful of the contents spilled trust+issues stories

fr0ggychxn DEAD ACCOUNT
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extra contents that are spilled out can be used against you, even by those you love the most when you least expect it.

Be careful of the contents spilled

pouring all the water in the glass, till the glass starts spilling out everywhere

this happens every time she drinks from it

she's fully aware of it, but allows it to keep spilling

wetting her shirt, the floor, and the table

drops on her skin racing to the floor, trying to beat gravity

meanwhile they were in front, watching all of it

wondering why she isn't doing anything to stop it

second-hand embarrassment is what they felt

for the fact that she can't simply drink a glass of water without spilling it all

"what a mess" they thought

nobody wanted to be around that girl

"stupid" and "strange" are words that were used to describe her

because at such an older age, how can she not drink a glass of water?

how can she not control herself?

how does she not think about how uncomfortable it is for others to watch?

she knew what was happening, but continued to let it happen

she watched as everyone judged her, but still kept on going

is it inconsideration or self sabotage?

she wanted to see if they would see past that

but in the end, she realized that was what she was defined as


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