Both or Nothing Chapter 1: Ep 4
Both or Nothing
Chapter 1: Ep 4 dragons stories

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Both or Nothing, Chapter 1: Ep 4

Both or Nothing Chapter 1: Ep 4

I scream, throwing a hard fist, “GET AW…”

“Fuck, Lemmy.”

My hands shake as my best friend sits in front of me with a hand over his bloody nose.

His amber eyes glow in the lamplight as he stares with a guarded expression.

He shuffles to the sink.

His hands are washed and he puts a piece of paper towel against his nose. 

He mutters, "Bad dream?"

I whisper, rocking back against the cheap headboard, “I’m sorry, Kalon.”

He sighs, eyes glassy and tired.

He stares at me for a moment, frozen by the footboard. “I didn’t…”

He moves to sit beside me and mutters, “I don’t blame you, Lemmy.”

He pulls me tight and I rest my head on his shoulder.

“I just wish we could find something better.”

He rubs my shoulder and smiles softly.

The window in this tiny apartment becomes an angry rattlesnake in the wind.

My eyes drift to the two dragon eggs resting by the furnace, wrapped in towels.

He follows my gaze and laughs, “Soon, eh? The riders won’t have a choice then. They have to take us!”

I smile comfortably.

I whisper, anchors drowning my hope, “They’ll take you, Kalon. I know they will.”

His eyes harden, and his fists clench.

His head sweeps over to stare me full in the face.

He growls, eyes narrowing...

“They’ll take us both. Both or nothing, that’s my deal. They’ve talked to me already about our situation.”

I nod , “All or nothing. The fair is gonna be a breeze.”

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