Both Or Nothing: Ch1 Ep:2
Both Or Nothing: Ch1 Ep:2 dragons stories

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Both Or Nothing: Ch1 Ep:2

My fingers scramble through my bag as I run towards my first class.

How did I manage to sleep for over a day?

I shake my head and snatch up my lip gloss.

Something catches on my foot and I tumble down a set of steep stairs.

My bones ache as a hazy figure towers over me.

My brain swims in unshed tears as I whisper, “The heck?”

A smile glows out from under a thick hood.

Fangs glare down on me. 

“Hmmm… What to do with you? Clumsy, weak, humans don’t fit in well here.”

My eyes widen.

My fingers graze the tile floor as I push myself back.

“Oh, sweetie, I won’t hurt you right now. Run along to class.”

With budding tears, I climb onto my feet and head straight to class.

A few minutes later...

“Miss Sky! How dare you?”

I cringe as I stand before a steaming tomato.

Its eyes are squished under the weight and have a fist like a judges’ hammer.

It slams into the desk over and over, screaming my fate.

“Late on the first day? We, as staff, have meticulous plans for every lesson! Didn’t you know I spent hours last night preparing this?”

I drop my gaze as my hand stings.

“You can’t look at me, can you? I bet you feel so guilty right now!”

My lips roll into my mouth as I reverse towards the door.

“Oh, is my class not good enough for you now? Decided to leave without hearing everything I have to say?”

My hands shake as they ball up.

My vision blurs and I close my eyes.

“Are you serious? You have no right…”

The door slams closed in her hard face.

Her voice carves threats and valleys in my ears as I dash back towards my dorm room.

“Monster! Freak!”

I shake my head, making a break for the light of day.

A cold hand clasps my shoulder.

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