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rhyming shh

by foxcri

you thought that nothing could drag us apart

i want to laugh and stab a knife through your heart

i have nothing left to defend

i just want my life to end

stifling emotions to the extreme

no one knows things arent what they seem

no i actually do have a heart

it just keeps falling apart

the one missing is my soul

i watched it turn as black as coal

showing emotion has made me become monstrous

doing anything else has messed with my conscience

theres nothing, absolute emptiness inside

im crying and not okay, please help me, i lied

haha, i was kidding, im not alone

no, i swear, ive definitely grown

are you not yet done playing games?

fine, lets play one called hit me with a train

its all coming back, i say, im scared

the depression and anxiety with all their teeth bared

no... the muttering, its merely in my head

the panic-filled flashbacks to the times ive bled

everyone asks me if im okay and i stare at them blankly

all sorts of emotions, then im suddenly angry

if i wait for the sweet release of death

i do not have to waste my breath

yes, my final word is goodbye

please just leave me here to die

i stood in awe at you being enchanted

but im yet to feel anything; my heart mustve been transplanted

my blood is boiling in more ways then one

you know what? im fucking done

just a depressed person cant take care of a rabbit

pretty soon its going to stop being a habit

i appreciate the acknowledgement of my mental state

but your efforts are wasted, for this is my fate

i have already been deceived many times before

so ive taught myself to be wary when someone knocks on the door

i can feel myself drifting farther away

is it bad that everythings going grey?

i long for things to go back to what they were

but people change and time passes in a blur

im slowly giving up, bit by bit

i seem ok but i feel like shit

its really hard to forget my past

when nostalgic things make it last

the blood is how i found out scissors cut better than knives

i will keep doing it over and over even if i waste unlimited lives

they might be mistreated, the scraps of fur

even though their deaths would pass in a blur theres lots of dogs in this world, we didnt deserve this many unknown, but all will be missed

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