The Garden ( 2 out of 2)
The Garden ( 2 out of 2)  love stories

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The Garden ( 2 out of 2)

The point of view of Bunker D-09 resident '' Karolina Porze''

I suppressed the urge to scream as I poured alcohol on my wound. I couldn't scream and risk alerting any possible dangerous creature around me.

I got up on my feet and continued walking through the dense woods.

How long has it been since I left the shelter ? 4 days ? 5 days? I lost track but based on this handmade map I found at the shelter I should be very close to the location of ''The Garden ''.

God, the thought that such a place could exist fills my heart with excitement. No calm down Karolina, we're not there yet. I should remain focused and continue moving.

I wonder how far '' he'' got by now. His bunker is further away from our destination so I should be arriving there first. I really wish there was a way for me to contact him....

to make sure he is doing okay but It's hopeless.

'' You're as energetic as ever my friend '' A sudden voice caught my attention, I turned around and pointed my bow at the source of these words.

'' I see you're as a distressful person as he is (chuckle) '' The person speaking these words was a man wearing a long coat and a green stylish hat.

'' Don't step any closer. Who are you? What do you want? '' I yelled out as I aimed my arrow straight at his head. If he tries anything I shoot.

'' I was going to say I'm here to help you but I realize that's rather pointless. Unlike him, you never needed any help.

Yep, a true heroine walking a straight path (chuckle) '' the man with the stylish hat spoke as he smiled.

'' What are you talking about? What do you want from me? '' I yelled out.

'' Nothing, I just wanted to meet you and wish you good luck. I shall go now.

He must be reaching a point of desperation right about now '' The man with the stylish hat spoke as he started walking away. I kept aiming my arrow at him until he completely disappeared.

What a weirdo ....What was he doing here anyway?

I holstered my bow and continued walking through the forest.

After a few hours of continuous hiking, I reached a weird-looking metallic gate. Wait, could it be?

I pulled out my journal and started looking through the information I gathered. Yes, I'm on the right path. there should be a switch nearby.

I started looking around the wall until I found a rusty-looking button.

I gently pushed the button and stepped away. At first, I heard nothing but then all of a sudden the large gate started sliding open. Yes, yes .....I'm almost there.

I cheered myself and started going through the gate when I heard a weird click coming from somewhere.

I looked around me but there was nothing out of the usual so I decided to ignore it and proceed carefully.

I'm almost there. I'm almost at ''the Garden''. Please show up very soon. I will be waiting for you, Darling.

The point of view of Bunker F-13 resident

I fell on my knees as I tried to catch my breath. The stench of blood and fur tickling my nose. Somehow I did it. I managed to take out all of the mutated wolves and I'm still in one piece.

'' That was a thrilling show I never get bored of this part of the episode (chuckle) '' the weird man spoke as he patted my shoulder.

'' Glad you enjoyed it, old man. We almost died but I'm glad at least you were entertained '' I spoke as I distanced myself from the weird man.

This asshole didn't even attempt to help me with the wolves. He just stood there with a stupid grin on his face. I definitely should shoot him now.

I finally stood up on my feet and decided to continue moving through the forest. I've used all of my bullets so if anything jumps at me right now I'm dead.

I need to move very quietly which is a very difficult task with I'm accompanied by this loud weirdo.

'' Hey, can you keep that mouth of yours shut until we're out of danger old man? '' I said as I addressed the weird man

'' I can, but that would be pointless because we won't face any more danger in this forest '' the odd man replied

'' Oh really? So you're a fortune teller on top of being a drug addict and a creepy weirdo? '' I spoke with a mocking tone.

'' Not at all. I only know what the timelines have shown me. What awaits you during the stright portion of your path '' The odd man replied with his usual nonsense answers.

Why do I even bothering conversing with him?

'' What do you think is responsible for our fate my friend? The answer that would come to your mind is '' Luck'' .... '' choices ''.

Yes, our fate is being written by the choices we make and influenced by pure random luck. Life is no different than a casino game in this regard but what if there is another factor.

An important factor that decides what path we walk on. What ending we're meant to experience.....

What if everything is predetermined from the very start Would you fight your fate? or would you accept it and try to adapt?

What if you're never fated to find this untouched paradise they call '' The Garden '' ? '' the weird said.

'' You better not be stirring me in a wrong direction. The only thing keeping me from shooting you is the fact you claim you know the location of ''The Garden''.

If I realize you been lying to me this whole time it won't end well for you '' I replied as I turned around and addressed the weird man.

'' The Garden does exist, in fact, you should turn around right now '' the weird man replied as he pointed in front of me.

I quickly turned around just to be greeted by a large metallic gate. A gate? Yes, this is what Karolina was telling me the other day.

A large metallic gate should be present in the path to the Garden. If I remember correctly she said I should look for a switch.

I looked around the gate until I found an old-looking button. I quickly pressed it and waited.

Then all of a sudden a loud clicking noise vibrated inside my ears. Is the gate opening up?

But instead, a strange door appeared. What the hell is that?

I attempted to approach the strange door when all of a sudden it opened and a large metallic statue appeared. The large statue suddenly started moving, in his hands were gigantic blades.

What the fuck is this ''thing''? A robot?

'' This is a security sentinel, it has sensed an intruder and now it's attempting to eliminate it '' the weird man suddenly spoke with a serious look on his face.

'' Intruder? What intruder? '' I quickly replied in confusion.

'' You. It wants to kill you '' The weird man spoke as he took off his long coat to reveal the two shining blades on his back.

He reached both hands and drew the blades pointing them at the giant robot.

'' This is it, my friend. Our chance for a different ending. Your chance for a happy ever after '' The strange man spoke as he threw a pouch next to my feet.

'' There should be enough ammo there. If you want to live, If you want to change your fate, if you want this cycle of death and suffering to end.

Pick up that ammo, reload your gun and fight alongside me '' The moment the odd man spoke that he jumped forward with such incredible speed and slashed his blades at the giant robot.

''Fuck .....fuck .....fuck ...What the fuck is going on? My head hurts from all of this shit.

How did I go from fighting wolves to a giant robot '' I spoke to myself as I quickly took the ammo in the pouch and reloaded my gun.

'' How is my gun going to do anything against this metallic abomination '' I pointed at my gun and took a shot but just liked I expected the bullet deflected from its armor as if it was made of


'' That won't work my friend. I will distract the security sentinel while you go behind it. a manual override should be present there ...You need to shoot it ''

'' What? Go behind him? ''

'' This is our only shot. it's either this or the usual bad ending ''

I cursed my luck one final time as I moved quickly behind the giant robot ...the weird man was engaging in a sword fight with it and keeping it busy. Shit, here going nothing.

I ran as fast as I could pointing my gun at the back of the giant robot but the moment I was close enough, the giant thing suddenly noticed me and swung his sword at me.

I lowered myself as I rolled on the floor avoiding his blades and without even getting up I pointed my gun and took the shot. The bullet went through and penetrated the back.

The giant robot stood still for a second before it fell on the ground motionless.

'' Perfect, fucking perfect did it my friend you broke the cycle '' the weird man yelled out excitement. This was the first time I hear him curse.

I got up on my feet and started adjusting my clothes as the odd man continued to tap me on the shoulder and laughing in excitement. What is he so happy for? Not that it bothers me or anything.

After all, it was thanks to him that I managed to avoid death but I wonder why he didn't help me with the wolves earlier.

I came closer to the large gate and pressed the button once again.

But the moment I did that, a bright laser beam emerged from the edges of the gate and passed right through me severing my body in half.

I fell on my back convulsing in pain, blood pouring from my mouth.

W-What just happen? I......I don't understand.

With my last remaining strength, I lifted my gaze to the weird old man, his previously excited happy smile was now replaced with a grim stare. He came closer, kneeled next to me, and spoke :

'' I'm sorry my friend. We failed. The ending is different but the result is the same. Your death couldn't be avoided but I will not give up...I will not stop until the cycle is broken.

Until you reach ''The Garden''. Until you meet her. I will not stop until you escape this maze. I promise you, my friend. I promise ''

I didn't completely understand what he was talking about but his words felt oddly comforting. I closed my eyes one final time as I thought about the only person that mattered :

''I love you, Karolina. I'm sorry ''

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