My Dream Girl (2 out of 2)
My Dream Girl (2 out of 2) love stories

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''Where are we going anyway? '' I asked as I walked next to the odd man. I should at least be told of our destination. '' We're going to wake you up and to do so we need to head to the highest building here '' the odd man replied as he pointed at a 12-floor building in the distance.

My Dream Girl (2 out of 2)

''Where are we going anyway? '' I asked as I walked next to the odd man. I should at least be told of our destination.

'' We're going to wake you up and to do so we need to head to the highest building here '' the odd man replied as he pointed at a 12-floor building in the distance.

'' Really? That's the tallest building? '' I said.

'' This dreamscape is surprisingly very accurately based on your real-life town so I'm afraid there is no Empire state or Bordj khalifa here '' the strange man spoke as he scratched his beard.

Did he just make fun of my town?

We continued walking down the road ignoring the people passing us by when a sudden possibility ran through my mind so I decided to speak:

'' Are you a ghost? ''

'' A ghost? ''

'' Is this why you always appear in my dreams? Are you a lost ghost seeking my help in order to pass on to the other side?

Maybe dreams are the world separating the real world and the other '' I spoke as I explained my thoughts.

'' Interesting theory '' the odd man spoke with a cold stare.

'' So I'm right? ''

'' Not really, I have no interest in going to the other side. Quite the opposite actually.

I'm the happiest right here '' the strange man spoke with a genuine smile on his face as he looked me in the eyes.

But before I could ask him something else, a loud ringing echoed around us.

'' What the hell is that? '' I yelled as I started looking around me.

'' Fuck, we're running out of time. Start running Karoo, come on "the odd man spoke as he grabbed my hand and started running.

I didn't understand what was going on but the urgency in his voice made me start running. We ran as fast as we could until we reached the tall building and went inside.

Instead of waiting for the elevator we took the stairs and started running up. We continued moving until we reach the rooftop.

'' There is nothing here '' I yelled as I addressed the odd man but instead of listening to my words, his gaze was focused on something else entirely.

I turned around to face the direction he was looking at when all a sudden a horrific sight greeted my eyes.

'' What the fuck is that? '' I spoke as I shook my head in disbelieve. A horrific menacing dark cloud was moving close from the distance swallowing everything on its path.

Everything it touches turned to nothing.

'' What the hell is that? '' I spoke as I addressed the odd man standing next to me.

'' A correction cloud? It must have detected an anomaly and now it's attempting to delete it '' the odd man replied as he tightened his fists.

'' What anomaly? '' I quickly asked.

'' You ''

'' What?'' I uttered in disbelief. How am I an anomaly? I'm the fucking creator of this fucking dream.

'' There can't be 2 conscious persons in one lucid dream.

The cloud has detected you the moment you gained self-awareness, It's doesn't know you are the dream owner and it's attempting to kill you. We don't have any more time.

We need to act now Karolina. We need to wake you up '' the strange spoke anxiously, this was the first time I saw him stressing out about something.

'' The surest way to wake up from a dream is to jump from a high place. This is why we are here. You need to jump from this building Karolina '' the odd man added as he held my shoulders.

'' Jump? Are you crazy? '' I quickly replied

'' I know how it sounds but remembers this is just a dream. No harm will befall you but if that fucking cloud deletes you then you could disappear forever.

That cloud could delete you from existence '' the odd man spoke tightening his grasp on my shoulders.

"B-But wait haven't answered me yet. Who are you? And why do you keep appearing in my dreams? Please tell me.

'' I asked as I faced the man in front of me denying his gaze from escaping mine.

''My ....My identity is.....Look trust me when I tell you it's better if you don't know. The answer to your questions will only bring you pain and suffering.

Please trust me '' the odd man replied with a pained look on his face.

'' I don't care ....I need to know. I deserve to know ....I will be coming back here every single night until you tell me the truth. I don't care if I get deleted by this weird-looking cloud.

I need answers '' I replied firmly as I pushed myself from his grasp.



We stared at each other in silence. The dark cloud continued approaching us as it gradually swallowed the world behind us but neither of us was thinking about that.

Our only focus was the other person standing in front of the other.

The odd man's lips finally parted but while I waited to hear the ultimate truth. He suddenly came closer to me and wrapped his arms around me.

My body instantly melted between his arms and a soft feeling spread through my heart. It was a hug ...a simple normal hug but at the same time so much more.

He held me even tighter as I felt his breath at the back of my neck.

He then lifted my head and softly kissed my lips.

'' I love you Karolina '' the odd man spoke as he pushed me away from him all of a sudden.

My body struggled to regain balance but it was futile for I quickly noticed that my feet were no longer on solid ground.

My body fell from the tall building in slow motion as my eyes kept fixating on the men who just pushed me off. The man who refused to give the answers I worked so hard to obtain.

The man hugged me, kissed me, and confessed his love to me before throwing me from a high building.

The sad smile on his face was the last thing I saw that night.

The point of view of the Odd man

Her body fell so gracefully. She looked so beautiful, a part of me truly believed she would spread wings and fly in the air like an angel. She always looked so beautiful.

But the moment her body touched the ground she instantly disappeared and escaped the correction cloud. That means my method worked and she is now awake in the real world.

I wonder if she will even remember this dream.

I sat on the edge of the tall building watching the approaching dark cloud deleting everything in its path. There was no way for me to run nor hide. All I could do is think about the events of today.

I was surprised,

I was really surprised she was conscious of her dream today and the fact she did this just because she was curious about me made me so happy I held myself from kissing her the moment I saw

her in that prison cell. Fuck, I love this woman way too much. I've always had.

Ever since the first day I met her, I knew this woman is special and that one day I will be completely and fully be in love with her.

Of course, back then we were still far from each other and that killed me every night.

I didn't want to wait, I wanted to be with her right that instant and that led me to that sketchy website. It was supposed to help me visit her in her dreams and spend time with her.

I made sure to follow the instructions on that website correctly and I surprisingly did manage to enter her dream and be with her but once I wanted to leave I realized that I couldn't.

I became stuck and ever since that day I been here.

I remain in this world of dreams every night she dreams. I tried everything I could think of to escape but nothing worked....nothing transported me back to the real world.

After a few weeks of continuously trying I surrendered to my fate and that's when I realized even though I was stuck in someone's dream I wasn't exactly unhappy.

I had the chance to see the woman I love each night. Through her dreams, I would see what was bothering her and I was able to indirectly help her with those problems.

I was happy, I was fucking happy.

I didn't think she even noticed my existence but she did, she really did and she made herself have a lucid dream just to talk to me and not only did I manage to talk to her after so long,

but I also got to hold her hand, hug her and even kiss her. God, I can't ask for anything more than this.

A broad smile decorated my face as the dark cloud finally reached the building.

I closed my eyes and surrendered myself to death.

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