Winter Disdain
Winter Disdain frost stories
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fourtailed 24|why are theyeither love or depressing
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Lol my other poem for yesterdays prompt should of been for today but oh well

Winter Disdain

I shiver

I am but a desolate shell For this unbearable Uncompromising Frankly terrifying Abomination that we call


I distrust the roads and how they fill with Insurmountable snow that blocks my passage To a world of warmth and vigour

Frosted over window panes are the bane of my existence or what little there is Because I'm frosted inside

no end in sight And all I have to greet me Is a jolly man that on a particular night Meets me and Treats me From evening to midnight

And then he leaves and for a split second I will miss the frost That he befalls me I will miss the cold icy breath that tickles my chest and spreads deep into my lungs Until I remember

That Spring shall keep me company

And then I shiver

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