Wait for me
Wait for me exhaustion stories

fourtailed 24|why are theyeither love or depressing
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Talk about an "Exhausting" read -ba dum tsu~

Wait for me

I've swam the River Styx It's souls for an ocean have tried to drag me down And fuse with my battered and bruised being But still, I persist

I've waded through Hades Halls With more souls bellowing to me day and night Goading and telling me "How far will I go?"

I am Restless and broken My bones in my arms are no longer bone But stone A price that was paid But still, I carry on

Hades sees me and stops me "Rest, rest,go no further!" They roar I carry on And they spit at me with distaste "I will see you soon" they say I dare not look upon their face

I have travelled through ages Good and bad My legs are now more tortoise than hare But I see it Just over yonder "There it is!" I cry And I falter

"I told you to rest" they say And I listen It will have to wait For one more day...

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