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Finale [Maybe] to our short story! - delete.

Finale to that chapter.

Sunset - Blank 2

Conclusion to (Opening Doors.) -Etc, already mentioned in the other two posts. -This Might Be Day 1. -If This is to continue, it wouldn't be by days, but more like parts of the sea journey... and maybe more.

*For once, he finnnaaaally look agreeable,* she thought.

She couldn't help but to keep commanding him around.

"Keep 'er steady." She ordered. "You're finally beginning to seem like a pirate."

But at the same time, Xavier hands stretched out, and his 'ladder' few over. He dropped heavily onto it and fitted in perfectly.

"And ya lost it." She said, shaking her head.

"I Never Lose My Way. And Will Never." He said boldly, though uncertain of himself.

"Maybe...But you lost something much more valuable. You lost your pirate." She said.

Suddenly uncomfortable, he stood up. But black spots danced across his eyes. He promptly plopped his sorry rump right back onto the seat.

*He took out his ox skinned pouch* "Want Some?" Xavier asked her, to divert his thoughts.

"Do you have to ask?" Jamie smirked. She noted this occurrence in her head, to see if she could mine more benefits from him.

He roughly pushed out the cold leathered pouch, which she caught smoothly. She was a pickpocketer, and he couldn't help but admit that her hands and arms move much better than his, a tinkerer.

She grinned widely before taking a sip.

But suddenly, she let out a fit of coughs.

"What is this hella sweet thing?" she complained as she wiped her mouth with her sleeve messily.

"... My Breath."

She almost lurched all of what she just drank. And her stale lunch, which was 'breakfast' at that time for Xavier.

"... Water, Sugar, Mint." He finished.

She couldn't help but glare at him again, regretting thinking that some things that come out of his hands might be nice.

He just ignored her and just watched the sun setting at a seemly quick pace.

"Not Doing night shift," He spoke before she could take the initiative.

Warm sunset light glowed In his eyes, as it seemed to be absorbed by his obsidian mask. A lazy light smile could be seen hanging at the corners of Xavier's lips...

- Not sure if we are going to make a part 2.

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