Ok, Since It Didn't Flop 100%; =>"Missing Judges" Poem
Ok, Since It Didn't Flop 100%; =>"Missing Judges" Poem judges stories

forsakenwell Umm... Does Anybody Want a Cup of Water?
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Ok, Since It Didn't Flop 100%; =>"Missing Judges" Poem

These unearthed jade rocks,

Are missing something,

- SOMEBODY"S off deck.

Don't leave me lonely,

Under glowing screen,

As I might as well scream.

So please look over,

Yes, right, over here,

If you dare pick -

Open these treasures,

Or tough funny bones,

To make your day light.

Interested? Read on.

again, reminder that the title you piece together makes connection to YOU. doesn't matter if it's light, sad, depressing, about anger, or about insulting me. (yes, you saw that right.

only me though, and keep it funny)

... Okay, so the rules for judges still the same, but could be a bit more flexible.

also, chance for the 5th slot ends on next friday, to not make PPL wait on it forever. ... Do DM me. If you decide to change from a participant to Judge, Unlike that post.

depending on amount of people writing, judges may change down to 3 TOTAL.

oh, if you took a title idea from that randomly generated list, plz say so. this way it is unlikely for there to be repeats. (if content is quite different, then it is fine.)

- if there is only about 10 ppl participating, the rules might change a bit.

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