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forsakenwell 忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好啊
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... Was based on @just_me 's prompt and done again in the middle of my night.
kinda personal...

Lullaby Of Home

... Okay, plz no judgement on what I did: Was listening to baby lullabies due to @just_me Prompt even though I already did one. (Actually, you may laugh.)

And then I wrote this in the middle of the night. Hope you like it (words may not be used smoothly. do tell me; my mind's glossing over.) (You guys completely cannot blame me for skipping images and format for this one.) :P

It's Maybe your mother,

It's Maybe her mother,

Who will put you to bed,

Looking over your face,

Lightly pinching your nose.

Uncomfortable you squirm,

Under their peaceful gaze,

Her voice unused all day,

Gruff and carries no charm,

So her sound, now TV.

Drones and tires you out,

Until you've flown away,

into your restless dreams.

But sometimes, she will sing,

And only for you, she tries.

Out comes discordant noise,

sofly from her hoarse throat,

You stay awake in trance,

To the tall tale's wishes,

You're there, dreaming home.

Now Just resounding snores,

Rumbles within your heart,

Which wouldn't ever stop,

'til you've float away too,

Makes this the last sound night.

Your nights of childhood,

Now will never echo.

Insomnia doesn't come.

Only her snores covers,

You in rough warm blanket.

Unbeknownst to you

it softens up, smoothes out,

letting you snuggle deep.

But only in your mind,

Was it Comforting so.

In house of warmth and love,

Lullabies are sung out,

Becomes perfect octave,

Softening. Soothing. G'night.

Sleeping, greatly satiate.

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