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Heartbreak? - (NOT Me)


The rose in my hand dimmed and seemed to wilt as I watched you go.

Down your pale cheeks, a ocean spray. Guilt did seem to flow.

Spine weak, yet I didn't - I couldn't - A deep bow YOU did.

Only my wilting falling rose Told, a farewell back did it bid.

Maybe I should have never asked on this bright and fateful day,

Life fluttered, danced around bright, something I'd then overplayed,

Full of regrets, I huddle in my bed, Blank, Time dashes in slow mo,

We still know, but we don't talk, Time leaves me here, yet there you go.

No, Not here, Just outside Life's Cycle, watching my lost self,

There seems to be greater missing of myself, leaving just an elf.

Bluffing my way through all... except for you, you know,

Escaping in Marvelous ways from every wisp of your shadow.


I didn't know you were Unique,

You didn't Know my Love,

I thought you knew me

And I Knew you,

And forever may we be,

Closer nit then glue.


You shrugged my hints,

Which left me guessing

I ignored your indifference,

And continue, did we play

Oddly in harmony

On parallel tunes.


Until inches from perfection,

like a Flinch, you flitter,

Standing stiffly with unknown intention,

I look up from under,


Sunshines and rainbows,

Ending in numbing sea,

I can't let this be,

Yet cold wouldn't let me free


I wanted to twitter,

The same tune you do,

Yet 'fraid now of you and I,

I whistle with the ocean tide,


Hoping to be heard by you,

While knowing it's a soundless cue,

A Sad blue played loudly and bright,

Never will it give you a fright.


Never will I, or tentatively, peek through air above,

For Waves are not a soothing ointment,

And warm air isn't gentle nor attractive,

So life above is an relentless disappointment.

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