IDK... Flavors?
IDK... Flavors? flavors stories

forsakenwell 忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好啊
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Tired. Ate a lot of diary products in my fridge today (since that is what my fridge is filled with currently: milk, cheese(many kinds), yogurt(many brands and flavors), icecream, butter).

IDK... Flavors?

When I connected flavors to situations... (if something is not made well, do comment.)

Somewhere soft and creamy, Is where I would like to be, But my back and tooth ache, From all that sweetness.

Somewhere hard and salty, Is where I would like to stop, But I can not stay long, From all that saltiness.

Somewhere hot and spicy, Is where I would like to greet, But it's too uncaring, From just impulsiveness.

Somewhere bitter and fresh, Is where I would like to feel, But the mood has dampened, From all that bitterness,

So Home, Friends, Star, Nature, Where and how should I Stay? Can I only continue this? Endless igniting cycle?

But... I will burn out. One day from all that. Stimulation I brought myself, Yet not fitting in their shelves.

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