A Blossoming World Below My Hands
A Blossoming World Below My Hands
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forsakenwell 忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好忘的好.
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my 2nd daily challenge.

A Blossoming World Below My Hands

fuip~ fuap~ fuip~ fuap~

A large, all encompassing sheet

Blankets all, but has no scheme.

tip, tap, tip, tap,

Hesitant doodles grow alive,

From one corner to the other.

swip! swip! swip! swip!

Bold lines flew through a huggable vase,

Which gave the little vixen character.

flip~ flap~ flip~ flap~

The canvas made, for this little boat,

Braved the ocean waves, keeping her afloat.

whir~ir~irl~ whir~ir~irl~

Now a circle was added, over the distant gulls,

Quite hungry for warmth, it bent down. - Still not quite full.

splish, splash, splish, splash,

Permeating from the ocean wave blue,

Gave the eastern wind its light hue.

*crackle* *rumble* plip, plop,

Ignited as if amber, a gray cloud cried,

left with no choice, but to pass on the fire.

swish~ swoosh! swish~ swoosh!

After Ocean calms, sky cools, sun loses its fiery gaze;

Tempered enough, the wood's soft, for a noble brown dye.

plink, plop, plink, plop,

A green fish leaps out the vase. It glimmers just like jade,

Over her pondering face, ... giving a depth no one can deny.

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