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forgottenlove Was I able to live inside your heart?
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I gave you my all

All I have to say

Im all choked up

Cant talk

I hope you know this is your fault

I feel invisible

You pass me by

I only wait for time to pass by

It hurts to know you don't care

Its sad to know i wouldn't dare

I keep it in

Day and night

But i wont let you win

I'll put up a fight

Im trapped in a storm

Everyday im a little more torn

My heart is broke

My minds a mess

My voice is cracking

My heart is shattered

I just don't understand

What is she that i am not?

My heart stopped

Skipped a beat for a second

Is this what its like to be lonely?

They say time will heal me like a potion

But its only making me miss you

i sit in the bathroom

Why cant i get you out of my mind?

Why cant i stop seeing her in our bed?

I only want

You to know

That im sorry for all of the things

That i wasnt

And that i was

Im not myself anymore

I sit and cry

Our memories shattered on the floor

Its time for me to show you

Just what im capable of

I cant keep my voice silent anymore

" I still hold on to your love

Wanting you back

Even after you broke me"

" Go and tell them i said Hi

Tell them everything we had

Tell them what you left behind!"

I hope you been well

You've been in paradise while i've been in hell

I told you my problems

You pushed them away

I see you again

And i break

" I hope you know

We had it all

Did you really have to hit so low?"

The tears stream down my face

I thought i was ok

But i guess not

You break me more everyday

And i guess you forgot

the love i gave to you

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