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He is gone.
He isn't coming Back.


by forgetme

Dear Will, You got in your truck this morning to drive yourself and Matt to school. Did you know that it was all going to end?

They said that you swerved over the double yellow line into an oncoming RV. They said that your brother was thrown from the car, and that you crashed into it head first.

Your brother is going to be fine. At least physically.

Mentally, he is never going to be the same. None of us are.

We got together at Morgan's house and cried for hours. But none of that is going to bring you back.

We are all hurting. Morgan is destroyed. We all are.

The entire time, I kept expecting you to walk up behind me and say, "Cmon shorty, stop crrryyyyyingggg"

But you never did.

You are gone


You aren't coming back.

Your poor mother. And Father. And Matt. Poor Morgan. Poor everyone.

You are gone, Will.

I know that I will see you again someday.

But not for a long time.

I miss you like crazy.

And it hurts so much.

You were like an older brother to me. The annoying asshole older brother that pissed me off. But I love you.

I'm sorry Will. This never should have happened. I'm so sorry.

FLy High Bud. Love, Maeve

Fly High Will RIP 5-31-17

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