Voice mails from my enemy
Voice mails from my enemy hospital stories
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She's the devil. Everyone knows. Nobody cares.

Voice mails from my enemy

*Voice Mail #1* Hello, it’s me. The one you wanted to forget. But surprise, I’m back again. Are you happy? Because I am. I'll talk to you later. Bye.

*Voice Mail #2* Hello, it’s me. Again. You still try to resist, right? Well, good for you. But let me tell you: You will fail. Like all the times before. I will hear from you. You’ll see. Bye.

*Voice Mail #3* I knew it. Not as strong as you thought you’d be, huh? What a pity. But I’m glad you called. It’s been a while. Did you miss me? Sure you did. But this time I’ll stay. I promise.

*Voice Mail #4* It was nice meeting you. Although the toilet wasn’t the most hygienic place. You look different. Different in a bad way. But we’ll change that, you’ll see. See you later.

*Voice Mail #5* Mhh, you tried to resist me again? What a failure you are. We both know you’re not strong enough. Let’s meet again, we have to talk about it. See you there, right after dinner.

*Voice Mail #6* See, your body is changing. Slowly but steadily. Yes, I know I’m a good friend. I always was. You just needed a little kick in the butt. Are you sure you want to meet twice a day? All right.

*Voice Mail #7* I heard you were hospitalized. I hope you understand, that I can’t visit you there. But as soon as you’re released, I’ll come see you. I promise. I’ll help you.

*Voice Mail #8* We need to get back on track. It’s been awhile. You know you need me. Everything will be like it used to be. Just give it a little time. I love you. See you later.

*Voice Mail #9* Hospitalized again, huh? It’s getting embarrassing. But you didn’t tell them about us, right? We’ll I guess they already found out themselves. But that won’t stop us, right? Stay strong. I'm waiting for you.

*Voice Mail #10* You didn’t make it. That’s a pity. I thought you became strong. Slowly. But I was wrong. We’ll, I guess this is the last message. You’ll never hear from me again. Yes, I am guilty. No, I don’t feel bad for it. It’s who I am. I’ll never change. But I will travel on. Somebody out there needs me, they just don’t know it yet. Rest in Peace. Ana.

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