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How too many thoughts feel like.

Too many thoughts

by foreverwriting

Too many thoughts can make you feel like you're drowning.

They push you under water like a wave and whirl you around Until you no longer can tell up from down.

They drag you deeper and deeper in the unknown darkness And whisper in your ear that you need no air, that you need no light to survive.

But at the same time they are the ones with the oxygen tank and the flashlight. They know how to survive in places where everyone else would die.

Too many thoughts can make you feel like you were run over by a car.

They make you unable to move like you had all your bones broken at once. It's just your heart that keeps moving.

But every heartbeat is painful. You can feel the blood pumping through your veins. But it's too slow, too heavy.

Too many thoughts can make you feel like you're floating.

You feel light headed and numb and you pray to find back your weight that keeps you on the ground.

Too many thoughts can make you feel everything and nothing.

You can reach for them but you will never grab them. They exist but then again not.

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