The life we lived
                 The life we lived forever stories
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Our life.

The life we lived

You‘re like a cork in the ocean that never sinks, with your hand wrapped around some amber like drinks.

It‘s your eyes that amaze me, a sparkeling brown, like the branches and roots of our favorite tree.

Deep in the forest, surrounded by darkness, it‘s steady and wise and the birds sing like chorists.

A sound, so soothing and nice to the ears, we‘ve heard it again and again for several years.

The days come and go, the sun rises and sets and time passes by rather fast than slow.

One day we‘ll be old and our hair will be grey, and in the air lies the smell of freshly cut hay.

We‘ll be pleased with our lives and the love that we shared, so the day we have to go, we both won‘t be scared.

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