The chaos inside

The chaos inside brokenheart stories

foreverwriting 22 | Berlin, Germany | Overthinker | 🐱
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You left. Why?

The chaos inside

I run, I run but I can‘t hide It‘s the darkness inside me that‘s on my tail Blood shot eyes and trembling lips, It feels like a part deep within died I run, I run but I will fail

Still holding your hand in my mind, Knowing there is nothing I can do or say, With fireworks exploding in the sky, I‘m there in the corner trying to hide While all the colors slowly fade into grey.

The knuckles white from gripping my own heart, And my soul is mourning with grief. Oh, how I dream of a new start With no one there stealing my heart like a thief.

It‘s just a sad song playing on repeat, But my heart breaks into a million pieces, While I try to hold onto it with every beat, And the sadness increases.

For me it isn‘t over yet, And I know I wasn‘t invited but I couldn‘t stay away, But now that I see you I break out into a cold sweat, Still hanging on your lips with every word you say.

Slowly dying inside with every day I‘m waiting for you Knowing you‘ll never come by, But my aching heart doesn‘t even have a clue, The only question will always be: why?

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