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Why books are great.

Just read

by foreverwriting

The combination of books and your own imagination is probably the greatest thing on earth.

Your are sad? Just read a book about the many funny adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh and you will find yourself laughing with Tigger, Piglet and Co.

You feel weak? Just dive into the world of knights and dragons. Save the princess with your muscles and sword and let yourself be celebrated as a hero.

You feel depressed and alone? Forget about the dark passages of your life while swirling around wirh fairies and stardust. Admire your glittering wings and inhale the magical air.

You are angry? Let your anger out when foghting against your biggest enemy. Do a roundhouse kick in the boxing ring and listen to the screaming audience.

Whoever you want to be in a moment of weakness, happiness or anger - just open a book and become the person.

Whether it's a knight, stuffed animal or professional boxer. It all depends on the choice of your book.

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